Day One of the GM Cleanse

Today is my first day of the cleanse and right now I am feeling unsatisfied and I am craving stuff, so to avoid me cheating on my diet or making bad decisions, I am going straight to bed after this. It is currently almost 10PM which is early for me since I tend to stay up super late. But i know that if I sleep I won’t think about food and I will have my baked potato to look forward too tomorrow morning. =)

I did a little preparation and wrote out this week’s food schedule in my planner. I take it everywhere with me and it helps me keep track of my water intake.  IMG_6880

I cross off one of my drawn water glasses every time I finish another glass of water. I like this system it works for me and tells me when I have to also balance this diet with work.

So, today was Day One; aka Fruit Day. I was able to eat fruit to my heart’s content and I also had to drink 10 glasses of water.

“Day One you are preparing your system for the upcoming program. Your only source of nutrition is fresh or canned fruits. Fruits are nature’s perfect food. They provide everything you could possibly want to sustain life except total balance and variety.”

So today this is exactly what I did. I ate a ton of fruits and drank all 10 glasses of water.


I started the morning off with a cup of berries and some tangerines.



I work next to whole foods so I got a very tasty fruit juice that they custom made for me. It contained pear, pineapple and apple that was juiced right in front of me with no added sugar. It actually filled me up for about an hour or so.


While I was at Whole Foods, I also filled up on more fruits. I got apples, papaya, tangerines and watermelon. I strongly urge you guys to eat A LOT of papaya, mango and melon. I’m allergic to cantelope and honey dew so I stuck to watermelon and I was fine. The reason for this is that they fill you up the most and help with flushing out your system.

So that is what I ate today. I worked a full 8 hour day in retail and I thought I was going to suffer big time with this diet. The bad side about this combination was one, that I had to pee a lot since I was drinking so much water, which is kind of awkward when you are supposed to be at work. Two, I worked above a food court today and all of the delicious smells where provoking me all day. Other than that, the fact that I was working (especially during the busy rushes)  actually helped me take my mind off of food and my grumbling stomach. This is my second time doing this diet. The last time I stayed home all day and drove myself nuts thinking about food, but today the time just flew on by.

That is it for today! Please comment and subscribe! I will update you tomorrow on Veggie Day!



GM Diet Cleanse

This is my first post! Yay!!!

So starting tomorrow (Sunday) I am going to do the GM Diet Cleanse.I did this cleanse around Halloween last year and I lost almost 10 pounds! I kept up a fairly healthy routine of eating right and exercising, so I managed to keep most of the weight off. But, with summer around the corner, I wanted to give this another go.

 Here is the link with more detailed information:

I’m not gonna lie, the last time I did this, I was grumpy, hungry and I hated everything the first few days, but it did produce great results so I am willing to put myself through this again. Also, I learned a lot from last time as far as what fruits and veggies I should focus on to keep me full and I plan on utilizing those experiences to make this time more enjoyable. 

So with that said, I plan to post a blog everyday so you all can follow my journey over the next few days. I will be posting pictures of my meal, updating you on how I am feeling, and how many pounds I am losing each day.

I want to lose 10 lbs this week.

There is my before picture below. It will be fun to compare it to my after shot at the end of next week.


That’s all for today! See you guys tomorrow!


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